Why should you choose us?

Web stuff

We absolutely love creating something new and interesting. We do not believe that it is possible to make something universal and convenient for everybody, that’s why we use an individual approach to each client and CMS is not applied in development process.


We think those who use the best technology will always be ahead. And we know what technology should be used to achieve the best result.


Each member of the development team has at least 7 years of experience on web-development market. Due to this we are able to solve any problem with ease. We can always advise how to make the situation better.


We take good care of every project we are involved in. By choosing us, you get new partners and not just third-party developers. We think that such attitude is of primary importance if you want to receive a well developed product in the end, instead of a simple handcraft, which is made just to earn money and then be forgotten.


We are not burdened by bureaucracy and multilevel approval for every detail of the project. All decisions are taken timely and in a quality manner. We pay respect to our clients time and nerves.

Write to us

To hire us, discuss project details, or just to communicate, use a feedback form. We will surely answer you ;-)


A little about us

Each member of the team has at least seven years of experience in IT, web development and network administration. Our team developed several full-fledged Internet portals and more than hundred smaller projects, some of which we are still supporting. You can view the complete list of the projects in the portfolio section. In general we undertake big and interesting projects, that are aimed at making Internet better, safer, more convenient or that are just used to conquer the world. However we are sometimes involved in development of more simple projects, for the most part, to master new technologies and to cultivate other professional skills.

Our team is professionally engaged in creation of web resources/sites/internet projects of any difficulty since 2010. In general we use php + Symfony Framework + Doctrine ORM, MySQL, Sphinx - for organization of search system, imposition with Twitter Bootstrap use, Memcached - for cache system. We use Zend Framework, Zend Framework 2 Yii, Redis, Rabbit MQ, Gearman, Silex, Laravel, Knockout JS less often. On server platform Nginx and FPM are usually used.